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Welcome to Korean Language Services Seok Sun Sihn

Operated by Sworn Translator Mrs. Seok Sun Sihn in the Netherlands

korean translator seok sun sihnIf you are looking for a professional Korean translator with good communication skills and high quality, then you are at the right address.  Korean Language Services Seok Sun Sihn, registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the number 27352984, provides Korean Translation & Interpretation Services with focus on high quality and client satisfaction.

Our Korean Language Translation & Interpretation Services are performed by Mrs. Seok Sun Sihn (alias Sunny) who has an extensive experience and knowledge in diverse areas, required to function appropriately as a qualified translator and interpreter.

As a sworn translator Korean-Dutch & Dutch-Korean certified by the court of The Hague in the Netherlands she provides certified translation services from Korean to Dutch and vice versa. Official documents which should be translated by a sworn translator and submitted to a Dutch or Korean authority, such as birth certificates and driver’s licenses can be translated by Mrs. S.S. Sihn: 
Profile of Mrs. S.S. Sihn.

Overview of Korean Language Services provided by Seok Sun Sihn
  • Language combinations for Translation Services: from Korean to Dutch, from Dutch to Korean & from English to Korean
  • stemple_Certified translator in the Netherlands_Seok Sun SihnFor Certified Translation: from Dutch to Korean & from Korean to Dutch (Mrs. S.S. Sihn is certified by the court of The Hague in the Netherlands in 2004)
  • For Interpretation Services: Dutch-Korean and English-Korean for both the public and the private sector
  • Interpretation Services for GMP Inspection: Interpretation for pharmaceutical companies and manufactures of medical devices during GMP inspection performed by South Korean authorities such as MFDS (Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) and KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory)