Seok Sun Sihn…

Translator & Interpreter Korean - English / Dutch for public and private sector

Korean translator Seok Sun SihnIf you want to hire a Korean translator because you are expecting Korean guests or because you want to improve the quality of your ongoing communication with your Korean business partners, then Mrs. Seok Sun Sihn can be of help for you.

She has an extensive experience in  providing translation and interpretation services for diverse organizations such as Dutch ministries, municipalities and other public organizations. As a certified translator from Korean to Dutch and vice versa she works with quite a few lawyers and Dutch/Korean public organizations on a regular basis. She provides her interpretation and translation services not only for the public sector but also for the private sector. The language combinations she covers are as follows: TRANSLATION from Dutch to Korean, from Korean to Dutch and from English to Korean || INTERPRETATION Dutch-Korean and English-Korean.

Last but not least, since 2009 she is providing Korean language translation and interpretation services to pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical devices during a GMP inspection performed by MFDS (Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) and/or KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory). She is quite familiar with GMP terminology related to diverse regulations such as ICH and KGMP guidelines and Korean Medical Devices Acts (including ISO 13485).

Korean Translation Seok Sun Sihn-Boven is het stil_The TwinTranslation of literary works in Dutch language into Korean

Since 2004 Mrs. Seok Sun Sihn has translated literary books from Dutch to Korean, while working closely with South Korean publishers (Overview of literary works translated by Mrs. S.S. Sihn).